Globell - Successful branding requires knowledge and passion

Who we are

Globell is a leading software distributor and publisher in the heart of Europe. We measure our own success exclusively against the success of the brands and products we represent, some of which we have been working with for over ten years. On top of our distribution into Europe’s biggest markets and several international markets, we offer tailor-made services and solutions that are in the best interest of our partners.

What we do

Globell makes brands measurably more successful. With nearly two decades of experience in building software brands, market launches and the development of new markets and customers, our partners can count on us; especially when it comes to our sales channels and our talent for distribution management. Our offering encompasses the management of your entire brand: from distribution, production, marketing and PR all the way to logistics and technical support for your end customers. We offer a one-stop solution that is tailored to the needs of our partners.

How we do it

Knowledge without experience is often nothing more than good intention. Our broadly-positioned and well-matched product portfolio reflects our experience and market knowledge. Our customer base includes end customers, small and medium sized companies as well as all 30 DAX enterprises. Our special strength lies in thinking outside the box and our partners and brands greatly benefit from this approach.