CloudMe and Globell launch a secure joint European Cloud for the German speaking market

In the age of government surveillance, CloudMe stands out as one of the very few cloud companies that is not based in the US or relying on cloud infrastructure provided by US corporations. Globell and CloudMe have now partnered to bring this true European Cloud to the important German market.

Linköping/Tegelen, EU – Wednesday May 7th 2017 – CloudMe, Europe’s leading provider of cloud sync and storage, with over 1.5 million subscribers, and Globell, the software distributor in the heart of Europe, today announced a new strategic partnership to bring privacy, security and compliance with European data protection to the German market.


A true European Cloud is needed to guarantee the safety and privacy of European residents as well as businesses through compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With GDPR going into full effect in May 2018, there is no more time for uncertainty and businesses need to make sure that no data reaches any third parties, including foreign governments. They need to be assured that the data is stored on European soil, that the servers are controlled by a European corporation, and under the sole jurisdiction of the European Union.

“Globell was our first choice for a German partner with their proven track record with global brands such as WinZip, ACDSee and NetObjects. Together we make a perfect team for building out a European Cloud,” says Daniel Arthursson, CEO of CloudMe.

Adoption of cloud technologies is booming and in the absence of approved secure alternatives, employees will use whatever tools they can find online to work efficiently.  Sharing of information, sending large file attachments or user friendly collaboration through shared folders is a business requirement. Everyone knows it increases efficiency and makes an organisation more flexible. With a safe European Cloud available there is no need to compromise on security, flexibility or user experience – CloudMe offers industry standard functionality.

The collaboration between Globell and CloudMe demonstrates the power of European companies coming together. We no longer have to accept the status quo and routinely accept the latest services coming from the US. Security has put the sovereignty of Europe’s data on the map and the new CloudMe service for the German market is the first step in building out a full European Cloud. 

“A true secure European Cloud is an important foundationfor the German software market and the entire European Union. With CloudMe we have found an ideal and experienced partner to realise our vision of privacy, security and data protection compliance for businesses in the German market,” says Regina Immes, CEO of Globell.

CloudMe is committed to offering Europeans storage and processing of data within the EU, and frankly where do you prefer your data? Safely stored in Sweden under EU legislation or just stored somewhere up in the cloud?