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SILKYPIX Shot for iPhones in JPEG/RAW released

“SILKYPIX Shot” capable of shooting with iPhones in JPEG/RAW format at the App Store.

Images shot in RAW format are adjustable with the following products which are own developed products from ISL (Ichikawa Soft Laboratory).
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 (ver. or later)SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 (ver. or later)SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 (ver. or later)

“SILKYPIX Shot” is a camera application that can shoot in JPEG and RAW format.Images taken in RAW format can be imported on a computer. It allows being corrected and adjusted using image processing software, like SILKYPIX Developer Studio, compatible with RAW (DNG) format. This effect can be finished surprisingly high-quality photos.It can be set manually ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, focus, white balance and AUTO shooting mode as well.

Furthermore, the following useful features are Implemented.
Level indicatorTouch shutter buttonGrid display (three division composition, diagonal composition, three division / diagonal composition, golden division method)Self-timer can be set from 1 to 999 seconds (1 second increments)Tele/wide switching shooting (iPhone 7 Plus only)Operating environment iOS 10.0 or laterCompatibility device iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 released on Silkypix.eu

Product release announcement, high quality RAW development software high-end version “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 download version”

Ichikawa soft laboratory Co., Ltd. (Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba, Japan : Representative Director Yoshikuni Ichikawa) has released digital RAW development software series “SILKYPIX Developer Studio” latest version “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 download version (Windows/macOS) English” on February 16, 2017 (JST).

The english version is availble in our silkypix.eu webstore.

The product concept of SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8
“SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8” is the latest development in the SILKYPIX series, aiming at “enhancement of functions for finishing photographs that meet the photographer’s expectations” and “a comfortable and enjoyable RAW development software.” In this version, we have added “Clarity” and a “Brush” to the “Partial correction tool,” which have been requested by many customers. In addition, it has been equipped with a “Monochrome controller” specialized for monochrome adjustments and a “Underwater photo controller” specific for underwater photography. This RAW development software will be a strong support so you can create your own works.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 major features

Clarity adjustment

A “Clarity” parameter has been added to the “Tone” adjustment item to adjust the luminance level of each pixel based on information from surrounding pixels. Increasing the effects of “Clarity” will make it possible to finish the details of the subject in a bold picture, so it is effective when you want to finish bold scenes with a hazy surrounding. In contrast, by lowering the “Clarity” you can finish with a soft ambience like with a soft focus, so you can use it to effect with women and children’s photography.

A Brush added to the Partial correction tools

A “Brush” that makes it possible to select correction areas more freely to “Partial corrections” was added in “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7.” Using the “Brush” makes corrections easier even in difficult areas of “circular correction filter” and “gradual correction filter.” More creative adjustments have become possible by making partial corrections that do not take the form of the subject.

Strengthening the Monochrome Controller Function

A Monochrome Controller function has been installed specialized for adjusting monochrome pictures. Eight kinds of “Color filters” can be selected, and it is possible to reproduce filters when shooting monochrome photographs on your screen. In addition, since the “Lightness” can be adjusted for each hue, you can make a thorough finish to your black and white photographs. Even beginners of black and white photography can easily switch between color and monochrome images after applying parameters in the preview display, so you will be able to intensify the understanding of effects on monochrome photographs due to changes in color.

Underwater Photo Controller Installed as a Function for Correcting Dedicated to Underwater Photography

A function from “SILKYPIX Marine Photography” for RAW development software dedicated to underwater photography has been installed into “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8” called Underwater photo controller. With this Underwater photo controller, you can correct the bluishness that is difficult to adjust with the normal white balance by using “White balance for underwater.” It also features “Color restoration,” which actually reproduces colors lost in water, as well as “Muddy reduction” to eliminate murkiness in water.

Focus Peaking Function Installed

A Focus peaking function has been installed to detect the parts focused on from adjacent pixels in the image, and to display them with colors added to those parts. With this function, you can clearly check the area of focus.

Improved User Interface

We have improved the design to be clean and simple to make it possible to concentrate on adjusting images. In addition, the layout has been changed to make it easier to understand for those using adjustment functions for the first time. Also, you can now change the background color of the preview display according to your preference.

One License Can Be Used on Three Computers

In recent years, more and more people own multiple computers, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, etc., sometimes using both Windows and macOS. With such changes in the industry, “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8” is now available for use on three computers with one license.


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SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 now available

Product release announcement, high quality RAW development software standard version “SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 download version (Win/Mac)”

Ichikawa soft laboratory Co., Ltd. (Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba, Japan : Representative Director Yoshikuni Ichikawa) has released digital RAW development software series “SILKYPIX Developer Studio” latest standard version “SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 download version (Win/Mac) English” on March 9, 2016 (JST) at ISL Online Store.

It is now availble at silkypix.eu

We have launched the latest the Standard Edition
Standard edition has been improved to obtains the new correction functions in addition to the basic functions. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 has same image processing engine as a higher version Pro 7. This image processing engine realize high resolution by “Natural sharp” and improve gradation on highlighting. Therefore, this product has achieved the high image quality, such as high color separation performance and excellent noise reduction. Further it has a powerful correction functions, such as dust removal function and dodging / HDR. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 is the new standard for easy-to-use RAW development software.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 major features
From dark area to highlight, RAW development engine improves the gradation further“Color representation” and “Gradation” in highlight part have been improved significantly. This achievement was bought by the improvement of RAW development engine and implemented by further deeply analyzing the information of RAW data, therefore it achieved the extension of the dynamic range in developing processing level.

The spotting tool removes a spot attached to the image sensorAt RAW development you can remove the unwanted substances in the dust and the subject of the image due to contamination of the sensor.By removing spots at RAW development, you can export to JPEG or TIFF with the spot is removed even if you have made the adjustment of color in developing again.

Completely new sharpness from superior outline detection (Natural sharp)Generally, when sharpness is set strong, there is one side effect that the noise is emphasized in blurry outlines or out-of-focus part of the blur. A completely new focus plane and logic for detecting out-of-focus part have been developed for SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 so that you can apply strong sharpness only on the focus point.

Image Rating Compatibility - Some of photographers may have with a rating (typically a star mark) at the selection to OK cut to the camera side of the operation on the LCD monitor during shooting. SILKYPIX allows for linking and reflecting this “Rating” set on the camera. In addition, you can also edit the “Rating” on SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7.


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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 6 High-speed RAW development with optimised workflow and integrated

Venlo, NL | Chiba, JP, 20. March 2014
The latest version of the universal RAW converter for professional RAW editing includes a new user interface and correction function for portraits as well as improved noise reduction.

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